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Enter Realtor.com... New Android App

Realtor.com has introduced their new Android App for Google Andriod based mobile phones like the T-Mobile G2, Sprint EVO, Verizon Droid X and AT&T Captivate.

I have to say, it is pretty cool.  It is 'location aware', so it can search for listings and open houses that are nearby.  It can also do a host of other things, such as filtering listings by price, amenities, size, bedrooms/bathrooms, etc.  It can also share listings with family and friends... and it syncs to your Realtor.com account so that you can share listings and notes between your computer and phone.

QR code for Realtor.com Android app
Scan this with your Android phone

The Android App also does a few things that are unique to it... such as viewing the listing and its surroundings on Google Street View and save voice memos.  You can also 'dictate' an email to your agent, and notes right on the listing page.

Android is the up and coming platform for mobile phones.  It is the fastest growing platform, and is nipping at the heels of the iPhone... which is flat in its growth.

Here is the QR code if you want to go straight to downloading the app.  And here is a link to the Realtor.com page about the app (including the QR code and a few screenshots).

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