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I know... it's officially a rut!

This is yet another technology post... and there are so many other things I want to blog about... but I just can't move past this until I get it out.  I'll include a bonus for those few of you that stick it our for a few minutes.  

It all starts out in

Another in the never ending series of posts about building a website... Part ZCXII

And then I carried it a little further with

Just when you think you got it licked...

Well...  I am a couple of steps further. 

I decided that since I had to go to all of the trouble to rebuild my web presence, I should upgrade.  I had already gone pretty much over the edge with GarageHomesUSA, but LaneBailey was pretty boring.  I mean really boring.  But, hopefully, those that stumble on to this post soon won't see the site that the early readers see.  Instead, they'll see the new site.  I was thinking about my "other" blog, and had wanted to migrate to a WordPress platform on my own domain.  ***BTW, this is the bonus.  I haven't turned the name on yet, so you are getting a REAL sneak peak... if you are an early reader.***

This whole blogging thing is out of hand.  

So, I am getting away from Blogger, and going to WordPress.  I'm going to make one of my primary consumer interfaces into a blog.  I'll keep the Blogger up for a while with regularly updated posts.  Then, I will transform that platform into a anthology site. 

I also got a new toy that I'll be getting set up in a few minutes... a Nikon Coolscan V.  I have literally thousands of images to scan... and you can bet that some will be making it on to my blog.  I have not really put as many pictures as I'd like into my posts, but much of that has been because I didn't want to run afoul anyone's copyright... and I knew that I had something floating around that would cover it...

So, enough technojunk from me...

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Comment balloon 9 commentsLane Bailey • December 05 2007 08:51PM
I know… it's officially a rut!
This is yet another technology post… and there are so many other things I want to blog about… but I just can't move past this until I get it out. I'll include a bonus for those few of you that stick it our for a few minutes. It all… more
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