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This is not hard core real estate talk... it is not real estate talk AT ALL...

Jackson with ThrashMy wife has been an avid scrapbooker.  In fact, she was a Creative Memories Consultant (dealer) for a few years.  It is quite fair to say that she really enjoys scrapbooking.  And it has been a marvelous hobby for her. 

But I just gave her a new hobby... not replacing scrapbooking, but as a wonderful companion.  It is virtual scrapbooking of sorts.  

My wife is now a blogger...

She doesn't write about real estate, law (her field), politics or any other "external" subject.  She is blogging about the family.  The intended audience is our family and friends.  My Mother is in Virginia.  My cousins are in Ohio and Maryland.  My wife's parents are here in Atlanta, but other family is in Ohio and Indiana.  We have friends all over the country.  Some of them like to follow the adventures of HockeyBoy and his sidekick BubbleMonster... and so using the blog, they can...

I'm not going to give away the address...  It is a private site.  We don't have it indexed by Google... so you have to know where it is to find it.  If we were a little more paranoid, we would password protect it, but we wanted to be able to tell people that they could look. 

And we want those that are close to us to be able to see what we are up to whenever they want. 

And the tech doesn't stop...

I am trying to teach my Mother about RSS feeds.  We set up one for my Mother-in-Law... ok, my wife did.  My Mom just made it her home page.  But, at some point when I get up to Hampton, VA, I'll set up an RSS for her.  But, we have made the feeI guess he means it when he says he wants to be a goalied available so that those friends that want to know what is going on can see the posts right away.  We also have open comments so that we can share with them, and they can share with us.  In fact, we have "Author" accounts set up fro a few family members... they just haven't figured out how to take advantage of them yet. 

I'm not trolling for friends here...

I'm just offering up an option for those that might want to take advantage of it.  And, if really pressed, it is also a good way to play and learn about a CMS (Content Management System).  We are using WordPress2.5, but could have done it in any blog software.  We even could have done it in Joomla or Drupal... but chose WP because it is easier and suits my wife's style more.  There was another (very minor) consideration.  My wife wanted to learn WordPress for work.  And I was pretty familiar with it. 

So, if you are wondering about running a blog outside of the A|R platform, and have far flung family to share something with... or even another type of purpose, this might be an option for you. I have always enjoyed finding better ways to motivate myself to learn about new applications.

The most importnat thing is to have fun... and share it.  In this day of digital still and video (we have LOADS of both on the site), it is an easy, cheap and effective way to share the big and little events.  And honestly, the little events seem to be the most popular with the Moms. 

I just had a thoughts... Localism to the extreme...

Final note, unrelated to the rest of the post.  I recently got a contact from a friend from High School that I hadn't seen in 25 years (yes, I am THAT old).  So, just to give Google a little to talk about, Phoebus High School, Kecoughtan High School, Menchville High School, Hampton, Newport News, VA, Virginia.  I have friends in and from all of those places.

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This is not hard core real estate talk… it is not real estate talk AT ALL… My wife has been an avid scrapbooker. In fact, she was a Creative Memories Consultant (dealer) for a few years. It is quite fair to say that she really enjoys… more
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