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Qassia, worth a try.

Qassia is a backlink generating website.  Adam Waldman had sent an invitation to me a couple of weeks ago... I just finally got around to checking it out. 

The basic deal is that we write small posts (called intels) and for each one we get a backlink.  The backlinks are not reciprocated, so they actually have a higher SEO value than reciprocated backlinks.  There are also the benefits of belonging to yet another social network. 

It is free to sign up and participate, and the site is still in beta, so apparently one needs an invitation to join up.  Here is an invite (which is a link to my page...).  Feel free to wander over and sign up if you think it is interesting.  And for you point hounds, they have a points system, too...

Have fun.   

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Comment balloon 13 commentsLane Bailey • April 13 2008 09:35AM
Qassia, worth a try.
Qassia is a backlink generating website. Adam Waldman had sent an invitation to me a couple of weeks ago… I just finally got around to checking it out. The basic deal is that we write small posts (called intels) and for each one we get a… more
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Newsletter #2 has mailed!!!
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Pump up the sunshine, dance, dance…?
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A tale of two photographers
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I had a marketing thought…
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You can buy a racecar…
Anyone can. I just logged into Ebay, and there were 196 race cars (not street legal) listed for sale. Anyone with the cash can buy any one of these vehicles. Assuming they are current, that buyer can take that race vehicle and race it. This car… more
Should we sell our own homes?
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Sellers only need 1 buyer
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