Looking Out From the Garage

How to kick your blog in the nuts in one easy step.

1.  Don't post for a week. 

That is it, it is that easy. 

The plan was that we would have internet access in Orlando when we went down for the NAR Convention/DisneyWorld/Bloodhound Unchained.  The plan failed... no internet access at the condo as the owner had promised. 

The idea that we had as we were driving down last Tuesday night was to hang out at the pool and rest on Wednesday.  I would write my blog posts and stage them for the rest of the week.  It was a great plan.  Too bad it didn't work. 

Last week my readership went down by 90% on my "other" blog.  My Active Rain blog didn't really suffer to the same level.  As soon as I put up fresh material, I had new hits.  But for LaneBailey.com, that hasn't been the case yet. 

As I look over my analytics, one of the things that I see is that a lot of my readership tune in each day or two to see what is posted.  So, basically I was left with the searchers that were hitting me from Google (and Yahoo, MSN, etc.). 

Of course I have only been back for a few days, and I will get the readership built back up, but I sure wish I had written those staged posts before I left. 

Bonus info...

This doesn't apply nearly as much to my A|R presence.  I have a higher percentage of search visitors, and the agents that are subscribed pick up reading as soon as I write again.  And I thank you for that!  But those blogs that we host elsewhere can be more tenuous.  They REALLY need that fresh regular content.

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How to kick your blog in the nuts in one easy step.
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