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The "Other" Superbowl contest...

Everyone knows there is a football game.  But that isn't the only contest each year...  The Superbowl has become the biggest venue for advertisers each year... ok, ONE of the biggest venues.  Along with the Daytona 500 (next week) and the Olympics, the Superbowl is looked to for the best in TV advertising. 

Honestly, I'm not that much of a football fan.  I have watched the Vikings since I was a kid (Fran Tarkenton, Alan Page, the Purple People Eaters...), and I manage to catch about 30 minutes of football a year.  But I record the Superbowl so that I can catch the ads. 

I stumbled across something on Twitter tonight that gave me a little joy...  ALL of the Superbowl ads.  I don't know how I missed a couple of these (some might have been regional...).  But I got the chance to watch them all again

Which ones are YOUR favorites?



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Comment balloon 2 commentsLane Bailey • February 07 2010 10:06PM
The "Other" Superbowl contest…
Everyone knows there is a football game. But that isn't the only contest each year… The Superbowl has become the biggest venue for advertisers each year… ok, ONE of the biggest venues. Along with the Daytona 500 (next week) and the Olympics,… more
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