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Ade For Al... Enjoy some Lemonade and Help a Family

Many of you might have heard about Al Real.  He is 8 years old, and a student at Arcado Elementary School here in Lilburn.  On June 7th, while playing with a friend, Al received 3rd degree burns over 80% of his body.  He was rushed to Grady's Burn Unit, and from there sent to the Shriner's Hospital's Burn Unit in Cincinnati, OH.  That is supposed to be one of the best burn specialists for children in the world. At best, he faces a long and arduous journey back to health...  And that journey has begun with skin grafts and surgeries.

As a parent, I can't begin to understand the pain that Al's parents are going through.  Knowing that there isn't anything that we can do to make the hurt go away HAS to be difficult.  The thought of my child being in that situation scares me to death.

Al's mom, Angela, was my older child's Pre-K teacher.  She was also his teacher for summer camp a couple of years ago, and I saw her regularly through this school year as my younger child was at the pre-school in which she taught.  So, this isn't about some stranger to me... this is about a friend.

Ade For Al

On Friday, June 18th, the Arcado Elementary PTA will have a Lemonade Stand at the Lilburn Farmer's Market at Lilburn City Park.  The Farmer's Market runs from 4-8pm.  This is to help the family defray some of the costs they are experiencing as they care for Al in Ohio.  Al's father still has to remain in Lilburn most of the time to work, while  Angela and their 8 month old are in Ohio with a few other family members.

We'd love for you to come out and enjoy a glass of lemonade while helping out the Reals.

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