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Time Machine Thursday... a 3fer, Cheap Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell

Three women and two men sitting on th... Normally, each week I pull a post from the past to highlight again. This week, I'm pulling three of them. They were all part of a series I did on Cheap Tips...  

It has never been more important to make sure your house shows as well as possible. And for most sellers that I deal with (spelled n-o-t b-a-n-k-s), they don't have a bottomless pit of cash to spend while getting ready to sell their home. Finding efficient and inexpensive ways to make their home look WAY better than the foreclosure up the street are priorities. It doesn't matter if you are hiring an agent selling unrepresented (FSBO or For Sale By Owner), these tips will help out. Check out the posts from last year and feel free to drop some of your own tips in the comments.

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Comment balloon 3 commentsLane Bailey • February 15 2012 11:20PM
Time Machine Thursday… a 3fer, Cheap Ways to Prep Your Home to Sell
Normally, each week I pull a post from the past to highlight again. This week, I'm pulling three of them. They were all part of a series I did on Cheap Tips.. Cheap Tips #1… Getting Ready to Sell Cheap Tips #2… Tip-Top Shape… more
Cheap Tip #2… Tip-Top Shape in 5 Steps
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Cheap Tips #1… Getting Ready to Sell.
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Wayback Wednesday… Homes ARE Selling!
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So, You Have An Accepted Offer… All Is Good, Right?
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Wayback Wednesday… Set the Hook…
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