Looking Out From the Garage

OK, this is even a little extreme for me...

I was just thinking about a recent call... 

I had someone looking for their ultimate "Garage Home."  For him, this was a 3000 square foot shop with a camper inside.  He was wondering if I knew of any available in North Georgia.  I didn't... 

But this does go to show the variety.  

On one extreme we have amazing (and expensive) GaragMa Hals.  On the other we have a big shop with a camper in the middle of it...  Honestly, it wouldn't be that bad.  I've spent the last couple of days prepping a borrowed pop-up for a camping trip.  It would be nice to know that I could just hook up the truck to my Fifth Wheel and be ready to go...  Parking Pano

But there are LOTS of options in between. 

I have a listing here in Lilburn, GA, with two 2 car garages.  It sits on over 3 acres and has a couple of great spots to stash a car trailer.

A few days ago I showed a client a property in Hall County with two attached two car garages AND another 6 spaces out back.  It sits on over 4 acres and despite the deferred mainenance, it is a pretty good deal. 

I see properties pretty regularly pop into the market for a short time that have three or four slots in the garage at prices under $200k.  I also track properties with LOTS more storage and shop space. 

So, if YOU are looking for a garage homes to call your own, whether it is a luxury home where the luxury carries through to the toy storage, or a home a little closer to entry level, but still with "exteme parking"... give me a call.  I have the hook up.  

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Comment balloon 0 commentsLane Bailey • June 12 2009 12:17AM
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