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This is RICH!!!

Garrett on the slideOMG, I can barely contain myself.  Seriously.  

I have about 30 blogs I keep up with every day... most every day.  And, if you didn't figure out from this post, one of them is the President's Report from the NAR. 

So, this evening I was reviewing my reading and up popped this post.  Could it be that enough of YOU here on little ol' A/R shook up the NAR leadership?  

We understand that blogs are designed to be both informative and interactive. When we put thoughts here, we want to inspire discussion and comments from you.


I am pleased to say that we have received dozens of comments – some positive, some critical. Considering how much we are traveling (I am in Italy right now), we won’t respond to every comment and question, but I assure you that we read ALL of the comments – even if we can’t post them or respond. {bold added by me}

Jay Thompson beat me to the punch... and got his comment published.  He has a MUCH (stratospherically) more read outside blog.  Maybe that got him posted...

But I sincerely hope you are not selectively picking and choosing which comments to post...

So, I think that we were noticed.  But, sadly, the leadership at the NAR are still having trouble understanding what transparency entails.  I want to help...

If it isn't obscene, and doesn't attack people personally, it should probably be posted. 

If in doubt, let the comment through.

And I would like to thank the scores of members and others that commented on the other post.  Your comments are the reason the post was noticed by the NAR leadership.   

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This is RICH!!!
OMG, I can barely contain myself. Seriously. I have about 30 blogs I keep up with every day… most every day. And, if you didn't figure out from this post one of them is the President's Report from the NAR. So, this evening I… more
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