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The brawl is on! And I'm in it to win it!

Well, LaneBailey.com made it to the first round of the VAR National Blog Brawl.  Now the hard part starts... the brackets. 

We need EVERYONE to go to VAR Buzz and vote for LaneBailey.com in Zone 4.  There are some GREAT blogs in the field, and it is going to be hard work going up against them.  We won't be able to make it without all of our friends here at Active|Rain. 

Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  Tell your friends' families.  LaneBailey.com needs every vote it can get. 

And of course if there is anything you want to see written about, we are always open to suggestions. 

For those coming to REtechSouth, I will be making a run in the truck from the hotel to the speaker's dinner on Thursday night.  I will also be helping with tech questions on the Saturday morning session... that is still a secret.  ;^ )  Feel free to say hello. 

I'll also be hitting Moe's for lunch on Friday at REtechSouth.  I'll drive everyone I can fit... 

Don't forget to vote for LaneBailey.com at the VARbuzz site.  We're in Zone 4, going against sfnewsletter.com. 

And thanks!

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Comment balloon 10 commentsLane Bailey • March 16 2009 11:38AM
The brawl is on! And I'm in it to win it!
Well, LaneBailey. com made it to the first round of the VAR National Blog Brawl. Now the hard part starts… the brackets. We need EVERYONE to go to VAR Buzz and vote for LaneBailey. com in Zone 4. There are some GREAT blogs in the field, and… more
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