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The best kind of green... British Racing Green...

It is one of my favorite colors...  British Racing Green.  But why is it British Racing Green.  Why isn't it just "Racing Green"? 

Back in the early days of auto racing, in fact around 100 years ago, teams were often divided by nationality.  And the nations chose their colors.  Some had a relation to the flag, but others were tied to personalities involved in the building of the cars. 

The surviving colors that are still often used are British Racing Green, German Silver (the Silver Arrows) and Italian Guards Red (Rossa Corsa).  The American colors were White with Blue longitudinal stripes (Wimbeldon White/Gaurdsman Blue).  Other well known colors were French Racing Blue (thinking of Bugatti) and Japanese White. 

The colors were used heavily in international racing until the late 1960s when sponsor colors became the norm.  Ferrari still uses Rossa Corsa for their F1 cars, and everyone is familiar with Ferrari Red.  Audi and Mercedes also use Silver on many of their factory racers, while severla British builders favor BRG. 

Now you know...

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Comment balloon 0 commentsLane Bailey • July 12 2009 11:54PM
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