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Lane's Newest Toy... CCotD

It is NO secret around here that I am a Car Guy.  I guess that would be why I am THE Garage Guy, too.  For the last 4+ years one thing I have had NO problem being transparent about is my love of things automotive.  Here on this blog, as well as my blog, LaneBailey.com, and my website, GarageHomesUSA.com, I have written numerous posts about cars, garages and cool tools. 

Recently, I started a blog solely targeted to other car lovers.  It is called CoolCaroftheDay.com.  And because I seem to be a glutton for punishment, I also created a network of supporting sites:

  • Cool Car of the Day on FaceBook
  • Cool Car of the Day on YouTube
  • Cool Car of the Day on Twitter
  • CoolCaroftheDay.mobi on Posterous

Blogging here on Active Rain and meeting so many influential and successful bloggers has taught me a LOT about creating content and delivering it. I've tried to take some of that knowledge in a new direction. 

I still enjoy blogging about real estate... but I have also written around 2000 posts.  I have 1780 posts here in the Rain, and there are around 1600 on LaneBailey.com... there is certainly a lot of crossover between my blogs.  I am slowing down a bit on real estate.  I have trimmed back from 7 days a week on LaneBailey.com down to 3 days a week. 

The new blog has been up around a month.  There have already been some really cool cars... and there are more coming. 



Road Atlanta preview


I'd love for you to check it out...

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Comment balloon 2 commentsLane Bailey • September 01 2011 11:43PM
Lane's Newest Toy… CCotD
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