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I should be a TV host...

Have you seen the BBC TV show Top Gear?  It is one of my favorite shows.  And with 350 million viewers around the world, I'm not the only fan.  Top Gear is a great show, too.  Even Mrs. Garage Guy enjoys (grudgingly) a show sometimes. 

The cast of the show includes Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig.  But, it could just as easily include me and a few of my friends.  Seriously.  The crazy stunts, freaky fabrication and love of all things automotive are alive and well with us. Pat, Patrick, Tim and I have had adventures... and with a show like Top Gear, we could have some more. 

If only the video was running when:

  • Pat and I barnstormed across the country 2000 miles in a Jeep that could only do the speed limit when we were drafting off of a semi.
  • When Patrick and I rolled a Jeep and then drove home without top, doors or windshield... on New Year's Day. 
  • When Pat and Tim exploded a fire extinguisher under the dash of Pat's Jeep.\

The hits could keep rolling... 

Here are a few from the show...


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Comment balloon 6 commentsLane Bailey • June 20 2009 10:43PM
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