Looking Out From the Garage: April 2010

They call it "Buschwacking"...

Could it be?The series isn't called Busch Grand National anymore.  It hasn't been for a few years...  But the name has stuck to the controversy like sticky tires on a track... 


What it boils down to is that many of the NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS) regulars are also NASCAR Sprint Cup (NSCS) regulars.  In fact, of the top 10 NNS drivers in the standings today, 7 are also racing in the NSCS.  Four of the top five. 

Why shouldn't they dominate the standings?  Aside from not making it to several races each season because they are at different venues on the same weekeds...  So, even though they don't run all of the races, they still tend to dominate the top rungs. 

Some would argue that this gives the 'up and coming' drivers a chance to run with the big dogs.  And that is absolutely true.  I would not try to dispute that running against top ranked drivers is good for the other NNS drivers.  However, I also think it is disadvantageous as well.  Just as it would be tough for a team of college hockey players to play against NHL players as a 'learning experience'. 

And another thing...

Retro FutureFor the teams and drivers that compete in both series, they have more track time and more tuning time.  The cars are similar (they are different, but mant of the same driving and tuning technologies apply to both).  So, the drivers that compete in both series tend to be closer to the top of the NSCS points, too... 

But there is an undisputable service the NSCS Drivers provide in NNS...

They are a draw.  Fans want to see them race more, so they follow a series they otherwise might not follow.  It helps the sponsors... many of the NSCS sponsors field cars in both series, too...  And it makes TV coverage more likely. And there is a cost savings for the teams, since the programs can be kind of parallel.

But I have an idea...

I don't want to kill Buschwacking, but I do want to hurt it a little bit.  Just a little...  Maybe make it less attractive to the drivers in both series.  Maybe make it a little less attractive to the teams in both series. 

  • Drivers that start more than 1/2 of the NSCS races lose points eligibility for the NNS Championship. 

This would mean that the drivers are doing it only because they want the seat time and really enjoy racing in that series... 

  • It would be a Pony Car series...  Mustangs, Challengers and Camaros duking it out on the ovals. 

I saw a LOT of Camaros, Challengers and Mustangs in the parking lot.  The fans LOVE muscle cars.  Why not connect with the fans by letting them watch "their cars" race. The cars could still be tube frame race cars, like the current machines...

  • Require up to 5.0L production based engines with fuel injection.  

One of the things that NASCAR detractors complain about is the push-rod with old school carbs.  I don't think that NASCAR needs to try to satisfy all of the detractors, but I do think that the technology needs to advance a little more. 

This would also fix a complaint with the NSCS cars...

They all look alike.  The have the same transmission and rear end... In fact, aside from the engines and a little front sheet metal, the cars are almost identical.  Too generic. 

These guys could be very non-generic... 

What do you think?

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