Looking Out From the Garage: February 2010

"Attention Drivers Statewide" and other Cheesy Pick-Up Lines...

Marketers and other businesses know that the world has become smaller... but that we stilllike to do business locally... 

There is a national insurance company that has an ad running in at least several states that begins...

Attention Drivers Statewide...

They want to tap into that "local" feeling by inferring that they are only talking to people in one state.  At the same time, they weren't so interested in talking to drivers in just one state that they limited the ad to one state... 

It plays on Satellite TV, on national channels.  If it were on cable, there would be a chance that they could have bought local time, but on satellite, not so much...  That would be why they can't say "Attention Drivers all over Georgia..."  Too many people from Florida, California and 47 other states would ignore the message... 

But they know that we want to deal with someone local when we can...

It doesn't matter if it is insurance, real estate or cars... or anything else.  We would rather have someone that knows the area, understands our needs and lives in the community they service.  We don't want a call center in Fiji... although we might want to VISIT Fiji... 


Attention Home Buyers and Sellers around Lilburn...

We live in Mountain Park...  My kids are in school here in Lilburn.  One of them ice skates at the Duluth Ice Forum.  We swim at the Mountian Park Aquatic Center...  My wife was raised in Sugar Hill.  I have spent most of the last 21 years living in Gwinnett County.  We understand Gwinnett County.  It is where we have chosen to raise our family. 

If you are looking to buy or sell property in Gwinnett County, GA, you deserve a real estate agent that knows Gwinnett County.  Check out the three images just below this paragraph...  Find your Dream Home, Find out what YOUR Home is Worth or Find out about the Market in Gwinnett County.


Find YOUR Dream HomeWhat's YOUR Home Worth?How's the Market?

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