Looking Out From the Garage: May 2009

Big ROUND number... 1000

This post has been in the works since June 14th, 2007.  That is right, just two weeks short of two years!  That was the day I wrote my very first blog post on Active|Rain.  This is post #1000. 

That is a lot of posts... and honestly, I never thought I would be writing a 1000th post.  Keep in mind, I didn't think I wouldn't be...  I just didn't ever think about writing 1000 posts.  Now I wonder about #2000... 

For you beginning bloggers, it all starts with one post.  One single, solitary, lonely post on a blog.  And then another... and another... and another.  Whether you write two posts a day, two a week or two a month, it all starts with writing a post.  And there is something else to keep in mind...  Blogging isn't about perfection, it is about growth.  My posts aren't perfect... I don't think ANY of my posts are perfect.  I find typos and misspellings when I am back in them all of the time.  Information changes.  Laws change.  We change... 

Here are a few posts from the past:

Some are pretty good... some aren't great.  They were mostly well read and commented.  But they all give ideas for writing more posts. 

If you are a veteran blogger, you know what I am talking about... if you are a newbie, get busy and write.  Every day we see 100 ideas for posts.  Just write a couple of them.  Shoot some pictures and the next thing you know, you are at 400,000 points.

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Comment balloon 8 commentsLane Bailey • May 30 2009 12:39PM
Big ROUND number… 1000
This post has been in the works since June 14th, 2007. That is right, just two weeks short of two years! That was the day I wrote my very first blog post on Active|Rain. This is post #1000. That is a lot of posts… and honestly, I never… more
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