Looking Out From the Garage: April 2009

Talk about a deal...

While running a quick search for a friend, I ran across a few interesting listings... 

There are a few deals out there that stop me in my tracks for a minute.  Some catch my attention because they are priced well below the competition... and they don't need more work that the deal is worth.  Others grab me because their condition is amazing, and they are still priced competitively.  Finally, there a few that reach out because they are unusual... in a good way. 

These were of the third type... 

I saw the pictures... and they didn't fit the price.  Not that they were priced a little lower than I might expect, but low enough that I wanted to check to see if these were all mistakes.  There are around 4 of these that are literally priced hundreds of thousands below the other similar homes in the neighborhood.  But here is the catch... they aren't finished.  But, for the opportunity to buy a $400k+ home for $250k, one might have to put up a little sweat equity. The builder likely went belly up.

Obviously these aren't for everyone.  But for the right buyer, these could be a steal of a deal. 

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Comment balloon 3 commentsLane Bailey • April 29 2009 10:11PM
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