Looking Out From the Garage: January 2009

The ULTIMATE Broccoli Recipe

Since when did real estate agents become the official distributors of recipes? 

I get a newsletter from an agent (that has not listed a home in my community in 7+ years) that always features recipes.  No market data.  No area information.  Just a couple of recipes and some thinly disguised promo propaganda. 

Why?  Really... why?

There is another agent that has farmed the area for quite a while as well.  Her newsletter comes out every 5-25 weeks (yes, I meant to say it that way).  In it she lists all of the sales for the last twelve months, the average price and the days on market for the subdivision. She also lets me know that she is number one for integrity and service

Better, but I don't recall ever seeing one of her signs here either.  The point there is that there is no interpretation of the data.  Is it up?  Down?  Average?  Accelerating?  No idea. 

These aren't cheap.  They are printed in color.  The market data is obviously short run (it isn't a giant subdivision).  The recipes are on nice paper.  The postage isn't cheap.  But they are both missing a couple of things...  consistancy and relevence. 

Now for my alarming revelation... 

I have never actively farmed my own neighborhood.  I talk to people when we go out walking and stuff... but aside from the business card ad in the newsletter, I have not done much here in my own front yard.  Shameful I know...  But, after talking with some of the people I know around here, they are glad I'm not beating them over the head with my business. If you are one of my neighbors, I'll be happy to help you sell your home.  I'm not going to beat you up or anything if you choose someone else, though. 

So, are you ready for the ultimate broccoli recipe?

Take 1 pound of broccoli, place in 13 gallon plastic bag.  Place plastic bag in a large plastic bin next the the garage.  On the appropriate evening, place plastic bin at the curb for pick-up. 


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