Looking Out From the Garage: July 2008

101 Cars you MUST drive...

Yep, it's on Speed TV. Link to the show...

Alonzo Bodden from Last Comic Standing is hosting the show. 

Basically, Alonzo is running through a group of interesting cars, whether they are cool, or the antithesis of cool.  From the Citroen 2CV (1948-1990) to the 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO.  BTW, the 2CV originally had 9 (nine) horsepower... my MOWER has more than 9HP.  The EVO has 286 HP. 

The cars are pretty slick... or just pretty... or make slicks.  English cars, French cars, American cars and Italian cars.  There are some great anecdotes and interesting stats about the cars. 

Even if you aren't into cars, there is a lot of great material here.  Some of these are recent, and some go back quite a way.  Some are amazingly rare, but others could be picked up over the weekend on EBay. 


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101 Cars you MUST drive…
Yep, it's on Speed TV Link to the show… Alonzo Bodden from Last Comic Standing is hosting the show. Basically, Alonzo is running through a group of interesting cars, whether they are cool, or the antithesis of cool. From the… more
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