Looking Out From the Garage: June 2008

The "blossom" of Social Marketing...

For many types of marketing activities that are performed over time, there is a blossom. 

If you have done direct mail or blogged for a while, you might have noticed it.  As Satch Carlson like to say... "nothing.. nothing... nothing.... JET BLAST."  You know.  You are putting it out there for a month... and then two months.  Nothing.  Three months.  Four months?  Nothing.

And then one day the phone rings.  I saw your blog.  And then again.  I got that newsletter you sent me.  It isn't linear. 

This isn't just for real estate.  I am in a 4x4 club, and we host a pretty big blood drive each year.  I've written about it here.  I chaired the event last year, and handed it off for this year's event.  Last year, I was calling vendors and trying to get prizes and swag.  I did pretty well, too.  It was the 4th year, and this year's event was the fifth.  As I was calling last year, many of the vendors were ready for me.  We had been "back to the well" before. 

This year, it was different.  Vendors we hadn't heard of were calling us.  Vendors we had lost touch with were calling us. We weren't begging.  We were picking. 

And I am starting to get the blossom from my marketing.  I don't have to beg clients to work with me... but I have trouble getting to the point where I can pick and choose.

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Comment balloon 7 commentsLane Bailey • June 28 2008 10:13PM
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For many types of marketing activities that are performed over time, there is a blossom. If you have done direct mail or blogged for a while, you might have noticed it. As Satch Carlson like to say… "nothing.. nothing… nothing… more
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