Looking Out From the Garage: November 2008

Did you get enough Turkey for Thanksgiving?

If not, I grabbed some extra...  I posted it on my blog on Thursday, but it has been refrigerated and is still wonderfully fresh... as fresh as these turkeys can be. 

They are definately not part of the 101... 

But I don't want to give it all away. 

For the youth, these serve as abject lessons of things to avoid in the future. 

For those of us with more experience, they are wonderful reminders of times gone by... 

Visit and enjoy...  Get a good laugh...

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Comment balloon 2 commentsLane Bailey • November 29 2008 10:59PM
Did you get enough Turkey for Thanksgiving?
If not, I grabbed some extra… I posted it on my blog on Thursday, but it has been refrigerated and is still wonderfully fresh… as fresh as these turkeys can be. They are definately not part of the 101… But I don't want to give… more
There are 101 cars I must drive… and I'm talking about them.
I enjoyed watching the Speed Channel series 101 Cars You Must Drive… But I didn't agree with all of the choices. There certainly were some interesting picks, but some were a bit lame. I think they chose about 30 of the cars based on what was… more
Black Friday Shopping? Save $100, 000!
Ok, you’ve seen the TV commercials and scoured the Thanksgiving paper. You know that the best deals require that you get to the store by 5:00am… or even 4:00am, right? Sleep in, call me, and let’s go get you a new house (ok, a new to you… more
Get ready for Christmas in Lilburn
Friday, December 5th 6:00pm - Lighting of the Tree Come and join us for the Lilburn Christmas Tree Lighting in Lilburn City Park. 7:30pm - Christmas Concert Right after the lighting of the Lilburn Christmas Tree, join your… more
Gwinnett Home Values
The Case-Shiller Index of home prices came out yesterday. It is an interesting index because it concentrates of resales and looks at the new prices of properties that have previously sold. In theory, it is tracking the same houses over time to see… more
An ActiveRain Challenge- I dare you!
My favorite video home tour/evening news/font of video information maven posted something about being positive. I'd love for everyone to skip back to her post and give her some love… not a hard thing to do, as Tara is a wonderful person… more
'Twas a Month Before Christmas
I joined Utterli yesterday at the urging of Ken Cook… and about 50 other people. And then this morning I finally took the time to write a post that had been kicking around in my head for a couple of days… You can guess the post and the title. … more
"100 Tools" for Better Real Estate Sales - What's Your…
I am re-blogging this post. Matt is working on REtechSouth, and is looking for people to give him killer app ideas. I know that we have those ideas. Instead of commenting to me, please go back and deliver the comments to the… more
Thinning the inventory herd…
While cruising around today, I ran across a great post by Linsey Planeta. You should go give it a read. Primarily it is about real estate agents finding a little piece of positive info and blowing it out of proportion… And to that extent, she… more
The touchpoint of the tornado in the financial crisis
Earlier today, I read a fine post by Larry McGee. In his post (which I would suggest you read because it illustrates how a failed closing affects more than just a couple of people), Larry mentions that the correction to real estate prices can be… more