Looking Out From the Garage: October 2008

Hidin' Biden and no more neighborhood walks for Obama...

 have been noticing something. 

Joe the Plumber SCARED Barack Obama...

Now, I'm sure that Obama wasn't frightened as he stood there and talked with Joe... but have you noticed that since that appearance, Obama has not wandered around in places where people might answer unscripted questions?  That was the last time that Obama appeared among the unvetted. 

Joe did something that Obama didn't like... he asked a question that Obama wasn't ready for.  He thought that as he walked along in a working class neighborhood in Ohio, he was among his supporters... and then Joe asked his simple question... and Barack revealed that he thinks it is not just OK, but desirable to take money from one group of people (those that earned it) and give it to another group of people (those that didn't). 

That wasn't in the script. 

Who's hidin' Biden???

And then there was "the interview."  And since the interview, and the numerous other comments that Joe has made over the last few weeks, it seems that Boden has been clamped down on.  No more fundraisers with reporters present.  No more media interviews.  Apparently they have started giving him a teleprompter to try to keep him on message in stump speeches... and he isn't doing as many stump speeches as he was. 

Unlike Obama, who is very good at not stumbling over himself and revealing that which he doesn't want to reveal (Joe the Plumber aside), Joe Biden doesn't seem to need much help.  He seems willing to say damaging things without help. 

Don't look for Joe Biden to show up anywhere that he might have a "rhetorical flourish." 

Maybe Joe will come out and tell us about how FDR got on TV after the stock market crash, live from the Oval office to comfort and support the American people.


After all of the abuse that Obama and his supporters put the McCain campaign through for not giving Sarah Palin over to the media, it seems that now it is Obama and Biden that are hiding out and only getting in front of friendly and controlled crowds. 


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