Looking Out From the Garage: September 2007

I made up a new word...

And then I thought about it and decided that it wasn't as good as I thought it was...

Do you want to know the word?  It will take comments...

Anyway, as most of my weird ideas seem to, it pooped into my head at the oddest time.  I was wandering through the grocery store with my son.  As we approached the frozen pizza, I had a completely unrelated idea.  I talked it over with him... he thought it was cool, as long as I let him drive the little car attached to the front of the grocery cart.  

After we picked up dinner (DiGiorno Stuffed Crust...) we headed out to the truck.  It's only two miles from the store to the house, but Garrett wanted to talk about... construction equipment.  I tried to mention the new word to him again, but since I didn't make up "Backhoe" he didn't care any more.  

Anyway, ever have one of those moments?  You know the ones, flash of inspiration... and then reality sets in.  The flash wasn't inspiration, but rather just a misfired synapse.  I think everyone would love to hear... and if a few people ask nicely, I'll toss out my new word... 

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Comment balloon 13 commentsLane Bailey • September 29 2007 09:58PM
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