Looking Out From the Garage: June 2007

House Stalking, revisited

I received an interesting call today.  When I first came here, one of my first blog posts was about a phenomenon I called "House Stalking."  Original post may be found here http://activerain.com/blogsview/123630/House-stalking.  Well, today I had a call from a reporter with the New York Times that is doing a story on this.  No, he didn't get the idea from me... I'm kind of relieved about that, too.  But, apparently there are a bunch of us that have our eyes open for specific houses.

He promised to keep me updated on the progress of his article.  

BTW, he found the blog from a Google search... so, we're on the map.

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Comment balloon 3 commentsLane Bailey • June 26 2007 11:26PM
House Stalking, revisited
I received an interesting call today. When I first came here, one of my first blog posts was about a phenomenon I called "House Stalking. " Original post may be found here http://ActiveRain. com/blogsview/123630/House-stalking. Well,… more
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